Asset Protection

On Your Side To Protect Your Assets
Your investment may need to fund certain programs and initiatives in perpetuity (100 years). The Endowment Income Sustainability Grid shows the probability of success – the odds that your portfolio will be sustainable and continue to provide what is needed – for given combinations of income distribution and asset allocation.

For example, assume a $1 million portfolio with a 4% ($40,000) annual distribution requirement. With a target weight of 60% stocks and 40% bonds, the portfolio has a 75.9% chance of being sustainable (remaining at or above its principal value). In perpetuity, it should continue to provide $40,000 per year (adjusted annually for inflation).

The Endowment Income Sustainability Grid is for informational purposes and is based on TriVant’s proprietary model. Our model is a closed equation (not a Monte Carlo simulation) and uses historical data from 1970 – 2014. Model specifics are available by request. A risk of loss is involved with investments in stock markets.