ESG Considerations

On Your Side To Reflect ESG Concerns
A TriVant custom portfolio allows an investment strategy that reflects your ethical beliefs. Your environmental,
social and governance (ESG) concerns help drive security selection. Portfolio holdings are consistent with your organizational values.

“ESG” Concerns Are Reflected In Your Portfolio

Organizations have become increasingly aware of the need to factor sustainability issues into their investment choices. For example, we can exclude companies you dislike because they deplete natural resources, produce hazardous waste or use nuclear energy.

Your social concerns may dictate companies, industries, or geographic regions you want us to exclude. Decision criteria may include human rights, healthcare advances, consumer protection, religious values, and animal welfare.

The rights and responsibilities of a company’s management, board and shareholders are considered. For instance, you may not like the company’s management structure, employee relations and/or executive compensation. If so, we exclude the company.

We avoid commission based products such as mutual funds because of their costs and to avoid conflicts of interest. Our strict adherence to individual security selection allows both portfolio cost efficiency and optimal integration of your ESG concerns.

Your Portfolio Is Customized
• Organizational Goals
• Sustainable Withdrawals
• Cost Efficiency
• Environmental Concerns
• Social Concerns
• Governance Concerns