Quarterly Insights - April 2015
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We recently unveiled a new Retirement Optimizer in the Journal of Retirement Planning

If you are overwhelmed by the array of today’s investment choices, you are not alone. Successful investing in a complex market requires special expertise. An investment professional with extensive market knowledge, experience, and technical resources is best positioned to make the right choices for you. Welcome to TriVant.

TriVant Custom Portfolio Group, LLC is an investment management specialist. We customize investment portfolios to maximize the likelihood that you will achieve your financial goals.

We adhere to the AIMR Code of Ethics.

Via separate account management, we elevate our clients to portfolio cost efficiency, customization, and service. These three areas represent our competitive advantage and the context of our company name “TriVant.

It is impossible for wrap-managed programs and mutual fund companies to develop a close client relationship and properly adapt a separate account portfolio according to each client’s needs and special considerations. You deserve proper attention. We can help.

TriVant Custom Portfolio Group, LLC provides much-needed separate account management services to investors with assets greater than $200,000.

Investors at this level will almost always be better served via separate account management versus owning mutual funds, self-managing their assets or utilizing stock brokers / wrap managers.

Our mission is to deliver the necessary level of portfolio cost efficiency, customization and service required for investment success.

The Senior Management Team has over 30 years of combined industry experience.